Weight Loss – Do’s And Don’ts – Vital Knowledge

It happens to the best of us. You’re trying to lose weight before the big day by following a healthy eating plan. You’ve been steadily losing weight when suddenly your weight loss comes screeching to a halt.

Every individual has a different road map to their ultimate double under (PR) personal record. Below are three suggestions on how you can accomplish your goals.

You may not like to admit it, but we all have an Inner Bloke. It’s that part of you that wants to lie on the couch, drink beer and eat chips all day; leave a pile of clothes on the floor rather than take three steps to the laundry basket, and still think it’s funny when you belch loudly in public. You can also find your inner bloke by walking around like John Wayne – that is, a slow and sure walk, legs wide with your hips slightly thrust forward. To go the extra mile, drop your voice as low as you can and speak from deep inside your chest. All of this can (and should) be done within the privacy of your own home…

Dave Castro- Started the first of the games. From a tiny little program for the fun of the event, all the way to a giant competition. Dave is the mastermind behind the outreach of the program and the company website games. On the Castro families ranch the first series of the games was held. Thanks Dave for you ingenuity and vision.

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Anyone on a “whole foods” diet is pretty much doing Paleo. It’s all about finding and eating foods that can be found in nature and letting go of the over-processed junk surrounding us today. A vegan or vegetarian is eating Paleo minus the meat. The big difference is that Paleo is much healthier because of the richness of meat proteins which our bodies desperately want and need.

Exercise is time-consuming. This is probably the number one reason why people hate to workout. No one thinks that they have the time, and when they do, they don’t want to spend it doing something that they don’t enjoy. The good news is recent studies have shown lengthy exercise is not necessary. Just 30-minutes a day, 5 days per week is sufficient, learn more about this here. There are a number of time-efficient quality workout DVD’s available today that can fit into any schedule, see them here.

Boot camp training mimics the intensity, drills, exercises, and sometimes even combat training you would expect to see in basic training. You will run, jump, punch, squat, do push-ups, do sit-ups, do team drills, do more push-ups, and you will sweat a lot!

As we tried our pull-ups, one woman after another gave up on their pull-up attempts. “You can do more than that”, said our trainer in exasperation. But at the first sign of not being able to do it, they just dropped off the bar and shook their head.

No doubt, CrossFit delivers Fitness. The best there is the fastest. Health must follow. Without fitness, there can be no health.The question is, does CrossFit deliver because you got your pull-up, or mastered your muscle-up? Or doesCrossFit deliver because you got involved with a community far away from the crowd?